So what’s a Wedding Sale?

It’s a sale to help a custom clothier recover from his older daughter’s wedding!

To celebrate this joyous occasion that occurred in August, I am having a special sale.  You can see a great looking wedding party wearing custom clothing from Christopher’s at the following link: My Daughter’s Wedding

I’ve chosen three outstanding outfits for this sale…two suits and one business casual outfit.

Two Button Notch Charcoal Sharkskin Suit:

fall 2014 notch lapel wedding saleThis suit regularly sells for $1195.  The shirt retails for $165 and the hand-made/five fold tie for $125.  My Wedding Sale price for a custom suit, custom shirt, and five-fold tie is $1095!    You can modify the detailing of the suit, of course to 1 Button peak, Double Breasted, etc. but the price stays at $1095 during the sale period.

One Button Peak Lapel Navy Tic Weave:

fall 2014 peak lapel wedding sale

Same pricing on this great outfit as above…$1095 for custom suit, custom shirt, and hand-made, five-fold tie!

Business Casual Fall Sport Coat/Pants/Shirt/TIe:

fall 2014 business casual wedding sale

This outstanding outfit is regularly a little more due to the sport coat fabric.  Regular price on the sport coat is $1095, custom pants are $295, custom shirt is $165, and hand-made tie is $125.  In honor of my daughter’s wedding, I’m going to offer this outfit at $1195 all-inclusive!

If you are from out-of-town, please add $100 for shipping costs to cover shipping of garments for fitting.  If you are from out of my regular selling area, send me your favorite or best-fitting suit and shirt, I will reverse engineer your new garments to fit exactly the same as your favorite outfit!  We’ll modify for any fit requests you may have.

Please feel free to email me at to get the process started!

Sales Tax is extra as applicable.

Thanks and hope to be hearing from you!


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom


Another Successful Wedding!

My lovely daughter, Jeannine, and her new husband, Jake, just had their wedding with the guys’ apparel provided by Christopher’s Custom.  Custom gray suits to match for all with subtle differences…groom’s suit had white mother-of-pearl buttons…all others had gray mother-of-pearl.  Groom’s bow tie was white satin while all others were navy micro dot.  Dads wore medium charcoal gray sharkskin custom suits with matching navy micro dot ties.  All shirts were from our performance white broadcloth collection.  Very cool!

These outfits will certainly get future use for other seasonal outings, parties, and even mid-week work days!
imageFrom the preparatory steps…imageTo the pre-wedding photo ops…
imageWith and without photo grays!…

imageTo this proud papa escorting one of his “little girls” down the aisle…
imageTo the new bride and groom’s first walk as husband and wife…everyone looked great!


If you or a friend, son, daughter, etc are planning a wedding, make sure you talk with your nearest custom clothier about affordable, usable, wedding outfits.  Gray, black, and navy suits have been the most popular this season.  Of course, for destination weddings, tan linen suits or even white linen pants with casual custom shirts work…

If you don’t know of a custom tailor near you, reply to this blog post and I’ll assist with your questions and provide a lead to a colleague nearby.


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

Golf Club Membership Special…only 1.5 hours from NYC!

Looking for a top-notch golf course without any lines within 1.5 hours of the GW Bridge?

Spend time in Dutchess, Ulster, or Greene Counties in your summer home?

Check out this recent posting by Wiltwyck Golf Club in Kingston NY.

If you are under 40, check out the Preview Membership category.

If you are over 40 or just want to test the course out for a few months, check out the “Sneak Peak” category.  Pay for Aug, Sept, and Oct only!  Can’t beat this deal…

membership offers paint-8.1.14

The golf track is a Robert Trent Jones design, and is in pristine condition.  Awesome from the Black Tees…challenging from the Blues…great enjoyment from the Whites!

The club is looking to increase its membership under new management. This is a short-term opportunity. Tell them you heard about this offer on LinkedIn.


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

Golf Shorts Anyone?

shorts loudmouthLet’s start with the popular “loudmouth” shorts…above, this customer chose a super-charged multi-polka dot pattern from Joanne’s Fabrics.  We sent it to our manufacturer, and designed a very cool pair of “loudmouth” shorts…that I dare say are unique!

shorts linen with cargo pockets

Another very popular golf short is the “cargo” pant…but most cargo pants look too sloppy!  Here we took a 100% tan linen, and styled this short a little longer to accommodate the lower cargo pockets, added nickel buttons for a change, and eliminated the belt loops, opting instead for adjustable nickel buckles at the waist.

shorts linen with waist tabs

For a little more traditional look, how about a pair of dark navy striped linen shorts with white mother-of-pearl buttons and no belt loops?

shorts regular seersucker

For the most traditional short, this customer chose one of our terrific Barberis cotton/lycra seersucker fabrics.  Simple, trim leg, slightly shorter inseam, with traditional belt loops.  Sometimes simple IS better!


Looking for a very cool pair of golf pants?

How about our “Killer Golf Pants” with the tour V notch?

killer golf pants

Style your “Killer Golf Pants” with a western or five-pocket jean style front, or a traditional side pocket.  Jazz it up a little with a flap pocket on the side you don’t regularly stuff your glove…and pic the side stitching in a contrasting color!    Ask your tailor about a cotton/linen Barberis lightweight fabric for the most comfortable golf pant you’ve ever worn!

The beauty of these shorts and pants, aside from the unlimited design possibilities, is that you will get the fit you want.  Simply bring your favorite shorts or pants to your custom tailor and tell them you want a fit like “this”!…and you’ll have a pant or shorts you will wear over…and over…and over…

Have a great summer and enjoy your golf in your custom shorts…or Killer Golf Pants!


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom



Beer Can Chicken on the Grill Anyone?

At a neat little novelty shop named “Mainly-New Hampshire”, I found a new rub…Spicy Jerk Rub by Flag Hill of Lee, NH.

The co-owner of the shop with his wife Deborah Bouchard-Smith, Kenneth Smith, recommended making beer can chicken on the barbecue…So…with the beautiful Mother’s Day weather…I tried it today…and it was fantastic!

Beer Can Chicken

Here’s the deal:

Take measurements of your grill…and make sure your bird isn’t too tall for your grill’s height…I bought a 4 lb. organic roaster from Cardonna’s Market in Albany.

Remove the parts…(I made a pretty solid chicken liver pate…another post…)

Coat the chicken with olive oil, then sprinkle the rub generously over the bird…all over.

Now, open your favorite 12 oz. can of beer.  Drink exactly 1/3 of the can, and stick the can in the bird’s cavity…the 1/3 is Ken’s recommendation.  I found drinking one can of  my favorite before cooking worked quite well also…well…OK…two but who’s counting?  I had some Sam’s Winter Ale leftover from my 60th birthday party…and that was my cooking steamer!

I used my new Weber 3- burner grill with two of the three burners on 2/3 power. The bird with the 2/3 can of bear went on the other side with the burner down to mininum, and down went the lid…I turned the bird 3 or 4 times just to even out the browning of the bird…my grill’s thermometer read 400 degrees for most of the cooking…and I left it in for 1 hour 45 minutes.

It was served with a peasant arugula and tomato salad…I cut 4-5 grape tomatoes into quarters, add salt and pepper to the cut up tomatoes, and toss with an extra virgin olive oil.  We let that stand for 5-20 minutes…until ready to eat…and add the arugula and toss…maybe a wedge of lemon squeezed over the salad…and mangia!

Let me know if you try this!

Now…if you don’t  like your food too spicy…the skin of the chicken is not for you…the meat should be deliciously tender and flavored…but not too spicy.  If you’d prefer a milder rub, I recommend the Santa Maria rub I have previously recommended…just scroll through my posts and you’ll see the one featuring this rub.  I’d say this rub is spicy…not over the top…but definitely has a little kick…a few cold brews and all is well in barbecue land!

Please share your barbecue tips with us!