FINAL FOUR…See Our Winning Picks!

OK… Your brackets are busted…cheer up by reviewing our Final Four Picks!

GQ’s photo shoot of actor/icon Liam Neeson provides plenty of great guidance for Spring!

First, a gray/blue 2button, notch lapel suit, subtle mini stripe shirt, and solid navy tie is perfect for any occasionimage

Next, the charcoal gray sharkskin suit, we’ve been touting since our visit to the NYC Fashion Shows in January!  Check out the fun…but professional-looking pocket square….worn folded in a perfect  “Hollywood Square”.


Next up in our Final Four Selection…a marine blue suit worn exquisitely by Liam, in a peak lapel model.


GQ claims he went into this shoot a 46L and came out a 44R!  The point being that you should start to slim down those looser-fitting suit silouhettes.  Ask your custom clothier to advise you on how trim you can go with your pant knee and bottom…my advice for older customers…experiment. If your thigh measurement is 20-22″, start with a 20″ knee/17″ bottom.  Adjust upwards/downwards accordingly.

Your custom tailor can also trim up your jacket easily…and shorten the length 1″ vs your regular length!  (For more fashion-forward guys, shorten your jacket a little more…but be careful…err on the side of longer here!  You can always shorten your jacket…can’t lengthen it!)

Finally, a blue sharkskin…worn by none other than LeBron James!  I like his exploded blue gingham shirt with solid blue tie…and white pocket square with blue trim…very nice LeBron!

imageCall after the Final Four to find out about our Final Four specials on each of these outfits being offered to coaches who attend the NABC Final Four Convention.  We are extending these great offers to hoops fans after the Final Four for orders placed during April.

Enjoy the games…we will!


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

Oscars-2014 and Formal Faux Pas

If you didn’t catch my tweets and instragrams during the recent Oscars…here is a good refresher on what to wear when an invitation states “forma wear or black tie required or requested”.

Oscars- ellen 2014Oscar Hostess, Ellen DeGeneres, is dressed wholly appropriately in a black tux, white shirt, and black bow tie as this year’s Hostess!

This blog will focus on what not to wear!  Sorry John…but you just blew it this year…and not for forgetting the name of the singer you were to announce…that can happen to anyone…but for not showing proper respect at this event by wearing a black jacket, black shirt, and black tie!

oscars-travolta 2014Some have commented on my previous Instagram and Twitter posts about Travolta and said “but he’s an actor…he’s creative…this shows his creativity and individuality”…

I think GQ’s Glenn O’Brien…the “Style Guy”…did a great job in his column in explaining the propriety of a white shirt for a formal event:

formal-gq white shirtIn my words, “black tie” or “formal attire” means that any/all individuals who are getting recognized for their contributions to a cause/industry/etc. or getting married…may wear whatever FORMAL clothing they choose…for example, they may wear a white dinner jacket (as Best Actor and Supporting Actors, McConaughey and Leto did so eloquently as this year’s Oscars),  white tie (as many grooms do at their weddings), or a funky colored formal jacket…as some winners at the Oscars chose.  In other words, to allow the nominee or honored guest to revel in being the “peacock” at this event, all other men are to look like penguins…simple concept…one would think…

John Travolta certainly has enough experience with the Academy and life to have known proper etiquette.  I realize that at his age (aka my age), one can forget things…but there really is no excuse for John’s lapse in judgement this year.

Hope this helps as you navigate the “formal attire” required gauntlet!


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

Christopher’s Designs Two More Final Four Jackets!

Well…March Madness is right around the corner and we just completed custom blazers for two coaches who make it to the Final Four for the first time in 2013.

Greg Marshall insideAbove is Greg Marshall’s Final Four Coaches’ Club blazer…and what a run his team is having this year!  The Shockers are UNDEFEATED as this is written!  Go Coach Marshall!

John Beilein insideDon’t count out the Wolverines…First in the Big Ten!

Christopher’s is excited to again be participating in the Final Four and is partnering this year with Keith Warshawsky- Founder Premier Clothiers.  Christopher’s and Premier Clothiers have pledged a portion of the proceeds of every sale at the Final Four to Cancer Research!

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership with Coaches vs. Cancer and how you can order your custom clothing so that a portion of your proceeds goes toward cancer research, please contact me.


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

Style Leader Pick of the Week

 A lot of customers are asking for sport coats that will be appropriate for their “dressier business casual” meetings…but be adaptable for an edgy weekend casual look.  The next few weeks, I’ll take my favorite sport coats and do just that!

This sport coat outfit was designed for one of my NCAA Coaches who asked for a sport coat that he could wear for recruiting purposes.  Something that was dressy…but not overpowering.  I gave the garment a little extra character by choosing a brighter, Bemberg fabric lining.  The 5-fold, hand-made paisley tie works great with the mini-check pattern of the jacket.  A “non-solid/solid”, micro-check shirt was used as the backdrop.  For a pant, I chose the always appropriate black all-season gabardines…the pant everyone needs!

imagek This customer also wanted his sport coat to be able to double as one of his “go-to” outfits for weekend casual dinners with his wife.  I took the same sport coat and paired it with a very cool navy dotted stripe shirt, toned down the buttons and buttonholes of the shirt to create a monochromatic shirt look, and finished the look off with a super-comfortable Barberis stretch cotton fabric pant in a medium blue.  The pant was styled in a 5-pocket jean style.


Ask your custom clothier to help you build the perfect Spring/Summer sport coat looks!


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

My Journey Towards A New Knee

I was scheduled for a total knee replacement in October, 2012.

Play Again Now, a joint lubricant and anti-inflammatory product has post-poned that operation!

I recently returned from the National Senior games in Cleveland.


Our team made it into the Championship Round.  One game from the Final, we had the ultimate championship winner down by 14 with 4 minutes to go in the first half.  Our “big” suffered a season-ending injury and we just couldn’t match up After that.

My Knee:

Thanks to Play Again Now, I played as hard as I could each game without any knee discomfort.  My recovery time was fairly quick also!  After two weeks, My knee discomfort was back to that which I’ve lived with for 10 years!  I can’t explain what happens, but paying in competitive venues like a National or state tournament, just pushes you and challenges injuries like no YMCA league or workout!

I have one more tourney in October…after that, I’ll make a decision re. a total knee replacement or not.

If you have joint discomfort, do yourself a favor, and visit Play Again Now Joint Juice.

If you decide to try some, use the automated monthly order option.  This will get you free shipping.  Should you decide subsequently to stop using the product, just call and cancel your subscription.


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom…and Proud Member of the NY Legends…60-64 National Championship Round Team!