Spring Shoe Recommendation

Check out my newest suede blucher in a very cool, neutral sand! Perfect with sport coats, casual suits, and jeans!


Ask your custom clothier about their suede shoe offerings.

Enjoy the warmer weather!  Get those spring weight suits and sport coats out!


Vinnie Rua-Founder, Christopher’s Custom


Do you feel your suit wardrobe fits, is still stylish, covers the colors you need…but is stale?

You DON’T necessarily need to lay out large coin for new suits!


OK…so maybe some suits are beyond repair!  But for most suits…the following tips should be an inexpensive way to freshen up your suit wardrobe!

Try these simple, cost-effective ideas to transform your suit!

1. Add a new, seasonally-appropriate tie.
2. Remove the tie and add a new custom shirt worn open-collared.
3. Add a solid tie or two to expand those new casual shirts so they can double with a tie.
4. Add a pocket square or two?
5. Add a slightly different shoe. How about a burnished bourbon wingtip brogue with those gray and navy suits?

Check with your custom tailor for advice on ties, pocket squares, custom casual shirts that work with your existing suits for business casual office days, and shoes that will kick up your suit wardrobe!

Happy Hunting!


Vinnie Rua- Founder, Christopher’s Custom

Masters Sunday…What is Your Perfect Golf Outfit?

A few years ago, I designed my “Killer Golf Pant”.

This year’s Masters featured golf pants with a few updated features.  The following are my thoughts for 2015 Summer Golf Fashion.


The key fashion element is the Tour Vee Notch on the bottom of the pant…a must!  Here is my original pocket and bottom designs for my Killer Golf Pant.  The Tour Vee has not changed!


A notch 2″ in length and 1.5″ in separation at the bottom is perfect!

While I still like the western pocket I advocated previously, without question a more conventional “1/4 top” or 1/2 top” were worn by all but a few.


My preference is the 1/4 top.  The tour players are wearing a stock pant from the manufacturer, and accordingly don’t have any options.


All tour players are wearing a wider belt, with wider belt loops.  The loops need to be 3/4″ and the loops need to be 2″ to accomodate today’s wider belts.  Go with a woven…check out the PGA Tour Store for some $20 belt ideas!  Under Armour has a great $19.99 woven!


White is a must!  I also like some of today’s stretch cotton stripes.  Here are two striped pants that will work great on your course!



The first pant above is a tan/rust cotton stretch stripe and the second pant is a navy/mint cotton stretch stripe.  Ask your custom tailor for his/her cotton stretch fabric offerings.  These pants can be made trimmer but still have great comfort!


Go with your favorite golf shirt in a solid. Under Armor has a great solid as do Nike and Adidas!


Here it will come down to personal taste.  The younger tour players have gone with very slim fitting pants.  My recomendation fir the average guy with a 19-22″ thigh is a 20″ knee and 17″ bottom.  Have your custom tailor adjust from here for comfort and personal style.

Talk with your custom tailor about a few lightweight summer golf pant options!

Congrats Jordan Spieth!

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Vinnie Rua- The Style Leader for Men

Looking For a Great Double Monk Strap?

If you are an Allen Edmonds dealer or customer who is looking for a great alternative to Allen Edmonds, who was recently acquired by the investment banking firm of Brentwood from California, look no further.

Locarno monk

How does this double monk strap look?  Elegant?  Try this hand-finished beauty from Germany’s #1 Shoe Company!

If you are a dealer and have recently been dropped by Allen Edmonds, reply to this email and ask about my new Custom Clothiers’ Shoe Consortium…a co-op exclusively for custom clothiers with guaranteed margins and NO seasonal minimums!

Dress with Style.


Vinnie Rua- The Style Leader and Founder Custom Clothiers Shoe Consortium

Dressy Enough?

This bourbon colored blucher will look great with your favorite gray, brown, or blue suit!


If you are interested in learning more about great shoes, send me your email  to receive an updated catalog.  If you are a custom clothier, ask for more information about my exclusive shoe co-op for custom clothiers only…guaranteed margins and no seasonal minimum requirements.


Vinnie Rua-Founder Christopher’s Custom