-Are you buying your business wardrobes the old-fashioned way?


-Do you hate going to the mall, fighting the parking, and then not knowing where to start with the choices offered?

Try Our Wardrobe Consultation Services

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I will visit your home or office for an initial visit to better understand your existing wardrobe and your job’s wardrobe requirements as well as your personal business goals and objectives. Next, I will develop a wardrobe update strategy that fits within your budget and work with you on implementing a cost effective and fashion-appropriate wardrobe for your business, business casual, and weekend needs.


Prices start at off-the-rack micro fibre suits at $199 to super 130's all-wool suits from $299 to full custom starting at $995. Shirts, pants, sweaters, ties, etc. available.

-Vince Rua

Great quality & value on custom suits with Vince Rua. You'll look great & save enough money for a new pair of shoes!!


Kevin B. 
General Manager at Time Warner Cable Media Sales

I buy my custom shirts from Vince Rua at Christopher's. I have been buying from Vince for the last decade. I am very satisfied with the quality, craftsmanship, and excellent care taken by Vince. I highly recommend his products and services.


Monte Vacarelli 

It is easy to recommend Vince Rua at Christopher's. All the suits that I have order through Vince have been great. He does an amazing job. I highly recommend his custom products and his service is second to none.


Brian F. 
Dean of Students / Basketball Coach at Albany Academy

I've consulted Vince on business wardrobe issues for nearly 7 years. His suggestions and access to quality products and their makers are both excellent. Compared to other sources, I have found his prices reasonable and the product quality very high.


Tom T.
Retired at SHG Group

Vince offers top quality product with unparalleled service. His years of experience and established relationships in the menswear industry have resulted in the best possible selection of premium apparel, at an incredibly reasonable cost due to his virtually nonexistent overhead. On top of that, Vince bends over backwards to make sure your customer experience is nothing short of perfect. Whatever you need, he will get it for you - at a price that works for your budget.


Chris W. 
Partner at Pinnacle Recruiting & HR Solutions

Dear Vince,

I would like to thank you again for spending time at our office with your catalogs. As you know, I am not a “shopper” and would rarely, if ever, attend a mall or even a high end men’s clothing store. The convenience of your scheduled appointments here, with me and members of my firm, was greatly appreciated. Of course, my experience was heightened with the receipt of the sports coats that I ordered and their quality. In my own justification, I expect I saved myself a minimum of two hours of travel and access time were I required to go to a store. I figure I saved somewhere between $300-$500 hours of billable time [which helps me justify the expenditure].

Best wishes on all future endeavors.


Very truly yours,

Jay A. Smith
Partner, Flink Smith LLC


Kudos on the threads. Wore the suit with the pink shirt and birthday tie today, many compliments from my officemates. These are terrific. Thanks a bunch, we'll do this again.


James D Kerr, PLLC