Find out how you can get a free shirt with these 3 easy steps! *

* Cannot be combined with any other sale or offer


Get measured

Either in person, or using my cutting edge 3D technology – requiring only TWO simple selfies!

Call or email for an in-person meeting, or use the link below for my online option:



Choose your fabric

If we are meeting in person, you will be able to review all my shirt swatches and discuss the options and fit you prefer from collar, to cuff, button and buttonhole colors, etc. You can also check out my online catalog for ideas!
If you are getting measured remotely, schedule a meeting and in less than 10 minutes, you can choose your fabric and options.


Make a deposit

I require a $50 deposit to design your first custom shirt.  I will invoice you for this deposit and upon receipt, I will get started.  When completed, I will either deliver in person or by mail.

If the shirt is not 100% satisfactory, I will make modifications or remake.  Once you are satisfied with your first shirt, you will be given a $50 credit to use towards your first order and keep your first shirt!