Great question!  In fact, my business has evolved into a large segment of customers asking for business casual and “virtual meeting” wardrobes!
To that end, the more popular items are custom casual shirts for virtual meetings as well as others for weekend use.  4-way stretch pants are another favorite among all age groups for casual pants.
For hard to fit, customers, custom 1/4 zip sweaters, full zip cardigans, and higher vees are very popular.  For others,  my silk/cotton collection of ready-wear sweaters is value-priced and gorgeous.  Polos, mock turtles, full turtles, and sleeveless cardigans are available.
Casual and dress shoes are available with custom shoes an option for those who are very hard to fit.  Matching belts, and other accessories including cuff links, beaded bracelets, et al are also popular choices for casual wear.
My Remote Custom Experience model does not ask for any deposit for you to learn more about my services.  You can choose a suit, sport coat, shirt, etc, add to your cart, get measured, and set up an easy virtual meeting right from the same page!
You will NOT be charged one penny!
After you and I have had the opportunity to speak virtually, confirm that you want to proceed, & confirm exactly what you’d like to get, I will send you an electronic invoice documenting your wardrobe choices, and you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit for what you want to order.  The balance will be payable when I am ready to ship your wardrobe items to you.
Another great question!
The beauty of the third leg of my platform, having a virtual meeting, enables you to see in real time as I share with you my personal computer screen, additional fabric swatches and detailing like button color, thread color, linings, etc.  I have thousands of fabric swatches that I can use in my CAD program to design outfits for you!
Looking forward to working with you to design a killer wardrobe!