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Custom provides the best value in better men’s custom clothing available today.

Customers cite the following as my most popular value propositions:

  • Customer travel down-time is eliminated since I visit each customer in their home/office or mine when convenient for the customer.  No more fighting over-crowded parking lots!
  • Custom garments will be worn regularly vs. what happens with a lot of store-bought stuff…i.e. relegation to the back of one’s closet because they just don’t fit like you thought they would.
  • Custom garments result in a much more efficient wardrobe purchase.  Most customers tell me they actually spend less with custom!​
  • Having been voted by Esquire Magazine as 1 of the top 100 in America, I bring a recognized fashion sense to the equation.
  • After 20 years, I have developed a unique ability to translate NYC and European runway fashion trends into wearable wardrobe options for today’s professional.

Contact me today to learn why the Final Four Coaches Club has chosen me for the past nine years as their EXCLUSIVE Designer of the blazers they award to each coach making it to the Final Four!

Try my perfected out-of-town protocols if you are not nearby…in nine years, I have only personally measured one coach…Shaka Smart!

Look like a million…feel like a million…but don’t spend a million!

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