Take your own measurements – right at home!

From the comfort of your own home, you can be on your way to the best-fitted clothing you’ve ever had.  Just grab some clothes you already own – that fit you well – and watch the videos below to get your measurements.  Download the measurements form and simply plug in the numbers and send it to me!


Measure Your Jacket

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Measure Your Shirt

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Measure Your Pants

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“So for starters, I’ve generally been a consumer of what I’d call “fitted suits.” You know, the standard Men’s Wearhouse variety. I have nothing negative to say about that establishment. They do the job. As a litigator, I’ve got several of those cookie cutter suits in my wardrobe. A color for any occasion. And I like them.

It’s no question, then, that a Christopher’s Custom suit is three cuts and several measures above the tried-and-true standard. When I ordered a Christopher’s Custom suit, I received more than mere custom clothing personalized by a very attentive and talented tailor who took the time to assess several measurements that the standard tailor doesn’t take. I got a form-fitting masterpiece. Not to mention an attention to customer service that ensured that even the unimportant details I brought to my tailor’s attention were promptly remedied.

Bottom line: When I received my custom suit, I couldn’t believe how well it fit. I expected the standard almost-form-fitting-but-not-quite situation where I might blame myself for my slightly altered physique. Every measurement was accounted for in painstaking detail. I could feel and see the difference. In the standard stress that the everyday world of arguing in court brings, the ease that a Christopher’s Custom suit provides means that my closet of gabardine is now left for the office only. To those who have gone for the standard suit: Try one Christopher’s Custom and see how it fits and feels. Like me, you won’t go back.”

Jake Sher

We look forward to serving you and your custom clothing needs!