Using our Remote Custom Experience, you can choose your fabric, send us your measurements, and schedule a personal consult with our custom tailor.  From the comfort of your own home, you can be on your way to the best-fitted clothing you’ve ever had.  Watch the video for more about our custom process and follow the steps below to get started!  If you have any questions, check out my FAQ page.

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NOTE: Our Remote Custom Experience is now available as a replacement for or a compliment to our traditional in-person consultation.


“I used Vinny’s 3d image capture during the pandemic for custom shirts. The experience was very easy. I used the link to snap a picture of myself, and uploaded them. The program took measurements based on the picture. I picked out my fabric and finishes, and the program took care of the rest. They were perfect fits- better than expected. I’m very happy with my purchase and will be ordering more in the future!”

Scott Lanzarone

“Been a longtime customer of Christopher’s Custom. I started with buying custom shirts from Vince about 20 years ago. The quality, durability and fit is unmatched… I still wear those shirts 20 years later.

That relationship has grown over the years. Vince and I do a complete wardrobe update every couple of years. Suits, pants, blazers, shirts, shoes, jeans, sweaters, swackets, sneakers… black tie to casual Friday… WHATEVER. He knows my style and knows how to make me looks good. On top of it, he knows what’s in my closet already and makes recommendations that work with what I already have. Everything he recommends works with everything else I own. I have about 30 pieces of custom clothes, but 1000’s of options that work.

Long story short… I just started a new business and needed a complete update. But… we’re on lockdown.
No problem. Vinny has Christopher’s Remote Custom. Boom.

45 minute Zoom to go over pieces, swatches, liners, monograms… right down to pocket squares and some ridiculously awesome “Schweakers” (my word for dress sneakers 🙂 )… Then Vince sent me a proposal with everything we chose and a link to an app that talked to me, took pictures and then told me my measurements… Vinnie and I checked the measurements with past orders and they were spot on accurate. 50% deposit made, order placed… Should have my new gear in a matter of weeks. I’ll be back with an update and some pics of the new duds. Check out the Christopher Remote Custom Experience at Tell the “Style Leader” SEARZ sent you.”

Ryan Serritella, President at RCMO Media LLC

“So for starters, I’ve generally been a consumer of what I’d call “fitted suits.” You know, the standard Men’s Wearhouse variety. I have nothing negative to say about that establishment. They do the job. As a litigator, I’ve got several of those cookie cutter suits in my wardrobe. A color for any occasion. And I like them.

It’s no question, then, that a Christopher’s Custom suit is three cuts and several measures above the tried-and-true standard. When I ordered a Christopher’s Custom suit, I received more than mere custom clothing personalized by a very attentive and talented tailor who took the time to assess several measurements that the standard tailor doesn’t take. I got a form-fitting masterpiece. Not to mention an attention to customer service that ensured that even the unimportant details I brought to my tailor’s attention were promptly remedied.

Bottom line: When I received my custom suit, I couldn’t believe how well it fit. I expected the standard almost-form-fitting-but-not-quite situation where I might blame myself for my slightly altered physique. Every measurement was accounted for in painstaking detail. I could feel and see the difference. In the standard stress that the everyday world of arguing in court brings, the ease that a Christopher’s Custom suit provides means that my closet of gabardine is now left for the office only. To those who have gone for the standard suit: Try one Christopher’s Custom and see how it fits and feels. Like me, you won’t go back.”

Jake Sher

We look forward to serving you and your custom clothing needs!