Welcome to the CHRISTOPHER’S CUSTOM Siena College Donor Page!

I will donate 10% of every dollar you spend on your wardrobe needs…today and everytime you place an order with me in the future!  You can start this process by completing the 3 steps in my Remote Custom Experience on this page… or simply go directly to step 1 and Book a Consultation with me to discuss your wardrobe needs in person.

For more information about the Remote Custom Experience, you can watch the video on this page.  You can also click the link below for a recent video produced by CBS Sports highlighting my custom work with the Final Four (use password CBS for access).

From custom jeans and tees to custom merino and cashmere sweaters to custom shearling coats to custom suits, sport coats, casual and dress shirts, 4-way stretch casual pants and more.

Think of me as your lifestyle consultant.  I can make your wardrobe process much simpler…and save you time AND money!

Custom jeans and 4-way stretch pants from $195.

Custom suits from $695.

Custom shirts from $97.50.

Coach Jim Boeheim, Syracuse men’s basketball, being fitted by Vince Rua
Coach Jim Boeheim, Syracuse men’s basketball, being fitted by Vince Rua
Greg Marshall, Wichita State Coach, with his Final Four blazer made by Christopher’s Custom



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To get started, schedule your free consult with our custom tailor today.  We will discuss your needs and my product alternatives.

In preparation for your consult, please send your measurements and browse our catalog for design ideas we can review.


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We are using the latest virtual measurement technology to enable you to take photos of yourself and send us measurements that are as accurate as if you were in our shop!


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Browse our catalog and check out an overview of some of our offerings:

EXPRESS CUSTOM Entry price-point basics for your immediate suit, sport coat, shirt, and pant needs

CUSTOM CONCEPTS New and best-selling design ideas to discuss during our Custom Consult

NOTE: Our Remote Custom Experience is now available as a replacement for or a compliment to our traditional in-person consultation.

We look forward to serving you and your custom clothing needs!